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CURRENT STATUS: Offline. Site acquired by Getty Images, Inc.

MY ROLE: Technology Manager

I was involved from the outset in the creation and maintenance of digitalvision.com Internet and extranet web services. Working as the Technology Manager for Digital Vision Ltd I was directly responsible for this multilingual web site, managing 3 teams totaling up to 25 people many of the projects involved being centred around this direct presence, improving the efficiencies of updating, releasing new functionality and supporting the site.


About Digital Vision:

Now owned by Getty Images Inc., Digital Vision Ltd was the premiere Royalty Free Image company in the world, second largest in the Royalty Free market we were widely regarded as having the best quality of any image publishing company with a highly regarded web presence.

About the site:

The main digitalvision web site was an e-commerce multilingual multi currency web site that provided imagery, motion graphics and music product to advertising agencies, designers and companies worldwide. Backed up by an international sales team, the site allowed the download and storage of digital content enabling consumers to have instant access to thousands of items of content immediately. The site was responsible for 70% of all direct sales in to Digital Vision representing a very important sales channel for the company and uptime and stability were of utmost importance.

Registered users of the site could download previous purchases, search for new content, store selected content in lightboxes which could be emailed to others, add items to a personalised CD, and preview in the highest quality product before purchasing.

The site also had a comprehensive backend used to administer the site for development teams and marketing and sales functions. Users purchasing on the site could create their own portfolio of images within the site and the backend functions helped the sales team assisting them with purchasing, downloading, burning items to CD, and searching for new content. The backend also gave extremely helpful statistics on the content being searched, downloaded and bought, and also detailed information on the customers allowing the sales and marketing functions to target opportunities effectively.

Technologies used:

The main site was built on Microsoft technologies, utilising Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 server for web hosting with IIS5 and databases on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 we created custom built COM+ applications to create a very high availability stable environment.

For security Checkpoint NG was used in the CoLocation centre and in the main offices with VPNs established for backups, content update and replication of data.

Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 were also utilised for Windows Media Hosting for rich content delivery, content fulfillment (with large multiple terrabyte IBM SAN storage) and using Exchange 2003 mail delivery.

All programming of the site was kept in house using a mixture of .net and VB6, TSQL, XML and XSLT on a custom framework that ensured quality of delivery with every code release being tested on multiple stages before being released onto a live environment from Microsoft SourceSafe.

Technology OverView:

  • HP Compaq Hardware
  • IBM San Storage
  • Nokia checkpoint NG
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003
  • Microsoft Windows Media
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft SourceSafe
  • Microsoft IIS5
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003
  • .Net
  • VB6
  • XML and XSLT

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