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CURRENT STATUS: Closed Source.

MY ROLE: Developer

Program Goal:

Before I wrote this tool, the process of creating different versions of the thousands of DigitalVision images for preview and sale was a manual operation using Photoshop.

To automate the process I wanted to keep the Photoshop functionality as their rendering of images is tried and tested but the integrated batch processes wasn't fully featured enough to handle creating thousands of images a day, let alone being able to report into Microsoft SQL Server. Using a combination of Microsoft Visual Basic 6, the newly created Photoshop Scripting Plugin and SQL Server I created a stable programme that took the best of all worlds.


Program Workflow:

Once an image of group of images was dropped into its polling directory ImageMunger takes the image, usually restricted to TIFF, and reported its attributes to SQL Server and logging it in, then it would create all the different file sizes of that image as needed. For each of these different size images it would also create attribute entries in SQL Server with MD5 checksums of the image. Once finished creating the different sizes and entering the information in to SQL Server it would move the files in to different directories ready for sale and download.

Application features:

  • Folder Polling
  • Watermarking of different versions of images.
  • JPEG header removal for fast downloads.
  • Reliable MD5 check summing.
  • SQL Server support.
  • Multiple File size creation.
  • Image attribute polling and checking.
  • Preview files creation to max height or width.
  • Multiple levels of reporting.
  • Multiple image types.

Technologies used:

The application executable was built using Microsoft VB6, running on a dedicated Microsoft Windows 2003 server networked to another Microsoft Windows 2000 server running Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for reporting.

Adobe Photoshop 7 with the Adobe Photoshop Scripting Plugin (now an integral part of Adobe Photoshop CS) where installed for the image processing. GFPrintPro could be utilised for image enlargement.

Technology OverView:

  • HP Compaq Hardware
  • IBM San Storage
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft SourceSafe
  • Microsoft VB6
  • Adobe Photoshop 7
  • Adobe Photoshop scripting support
  • GFPrintPro

Project Wishlist:

As with all projects of this type there are features that didn't into the version last created and ImageMunger was no exception. Although it was planned that eventually the image engine would be transferred over to the freeware ImageMagick program, Photoshop proved itself more than capable of 24/7 operation. With all the changing of features over its lifetime it was inevitable that a rewrite would be in order, and although a .net version was started it was never completed by the time DigitalVision became part of Getty Images.

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