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Based in Stockholm Sweden, I am working at Cantemo as Chief Technology Officer. Cantemo produce software and systems for the broadcast, production, and interactive media industries. Previously I have lived in Bergen, Norway and before that London where I have a proven record of delivering multimedia technology systems to a variety of clients. Working with business strategy I bring the benefits of my knowledge of motion, music and information systems to create, and maintain solutions large and small.

I am used to managing multiple teams or working solely on more focused projects, delivering on time and within budget.

I have been working with Internet technologies for the commercial lifetime of the web, and have exemplary skills in networking, operating system and UI design.

Featured Project


Digital Vision

I was involved from the outset in the creation and maintenance of digitalvision.com Internet and extranet web services. Working as the Technology Manager for Digital Vision Ltd I was responsible for this multilingual web site and partner supporting extranet with xml service, managing 3 teams totaling up to 25 people.


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Personal Information

My other interests are cooking, making music, synths and drum machines, reading, skiing, graphic design and information architecture.


After leaving college I started working for a start-up Internet Provider itself part of a established networking company. Being in a startup my roles were varied from fundamental networking, server builds to web site creation. This gave me a good grounding in all things Internet

Working on I progressed through into the parent company of the Internet Provider using my various skills to advantage before helping to start build a New Media wing of the company in Soho London. Working there as designer and on to senior designer I created solutions for companies such as Digital Vision Ltd, Cable and Wireless, Bloomsbury Publishing and Sleazenation.

From there I went on to work full time in Digital Vision Ltd to concentrate my skill on one client until it became part of GettyImages. I am now currently working on a variety of Internet based projects.

This Site

This site is the personal area for myself, Tim Child, to show my portfolio of work and skills. In its current version it was first started in June 2005 with build commencing July 2005, with minor updates until June 2007

As with all my recent web based work it relies adherence to W3C markup guidelines with XHTML and CSS.

For more update date news and information I have a blog located at blog.timc3.com and a photo gallery at share.timc3.com. All of these sites are currently hosted at DreamHost, as I have found them just as cost effective as running my own machine for hosting.

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